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The Scoop on Circle M Farms


Sometimes poop happens!  ‘Ya that's right, we said it, poop just sometimes happens.  All of us out here at Circle M Farms in Eastern Oregon work knee deep in the finest all natural poop money can buy!

Gross…. you might say?  Well, we certainly don't think so. Don't worry, our s%@+ doesn't stink!  You see, out here we have enlisted armies of Earthworms so that we can harvest Nature’s finest organic fertilizer… “worm castings”. Or as we call it, “worm poop”.

Mother Nature has known this for eons and has been using Earthworms to safely and naturally rebuild and replenish the soil.

In keeping with our father’s vision of responsible and sustainable farming, we decided to start raising worms as an alternative to the harsh, expensive and dangerous chemical fertilizers that have now become the industry standard.  Our passion to protect the environment and our families from these synthetic fertilizers is what inspired us to find a better way. We were tired of hearing in the news that our country’s aquifers were being contaminated with toxic synthetic nitrates.  We wanted to use and provide a product that was affordable, safe, and would make Mother Nature proud.

We know you and yours will appreciate our worms and their hard work in producing the highest quality castings you will find anywhere because our families have personally experienced the higher yields and tasty fruits and vegetables ourselves.  From our family to yours…Enjoy!

the team

Where would be without this lively, hard-working crew?!  These guys put in the long, dirty hours making sure that the worms are well taken care of and that our production goals are met, packaging is done efficiently and effectively and that deliveries go out on time.  If Doug is the heart and soul, these guys are the blood!  Some were born into the family, some weren’t, but they are all family.

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Our Process


We start by sourcing the finest, organic grains and nutrients according to our proprietary feed formula for our earthworms. We provide them with the ultimate top soil to bask in.


Controlled Environment
Our earthworms are raised in a state of the art humidity and temperature controlled environment.


We harvest our castings, bag and ship them to your location! Our cocoons are raised to increase production. The worms are re-bedded and any excess material is used elsewhere on the farm to provide our family with tasty vegetables and grasses for our delicions pigs and cows.

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