Benefits of using Worm Castings for Cannabis

  • Worm castings do not have a smell
  • Because there are no chemicals it promotes better health of the soil for a more natural taste of the final product
  • Promotes more rapid seed germination
  • Helps with a more balanced root development as plants grow
  • The ability to rebuild soils and thus reduce costs by eliminating the need for harmful chemical fertilizers by allowing the available nutrients existing in the soil naturally to be absorbed by the plant
  • Increased yields and therefore presumably increased profits
  • Natural ability to repel insects and naturally building a plant's defense system

Our African Nightcrawlers are raised in a state of the art temperature and humidity controlled environment. They are fed our proprietary grain based feed formula and given the absolute best soil to live in. We do not use any fillers in our product and we believe you won’t find a better premium worm casting. We are now offering bulk one-time orders or discounted contract purchases.  If you are looking to buy in bulk, contact us to place your order.

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