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Why are Worm Castings Great for Home Garden Use?

The uses for Worm Castings in your home garden are endless.  In your flower garden, they provide nutrients that produce hardy fast-growing flowers with stronger, deeper roots.  It also makes them heartier, therefore, making transplanting more successful.

For your garden, worm castings can increase your yield by up to 25%.  They also provide essential enzymes that your garden needs to sustain a healthy environment.

Worm castings naturally help with pesticide protection.  This is especially important for your rose bushes.  By applying the castings to the soil and watering properly it can eliminate rose slugs and whiteflies.

How do you use worm castings in your home garden?


  • Worm castings should be worked into the soil in the spring prior to planting.  This should take place as soon as the ground becomes workable.  Work 1" - 4" of Circle M Castings into the top 4″ – 6″ of soil.
  • When preparing the soil, use 10 lbs. of Circle M Castings per 100 square feet. Side-dress when plants are three to four inches high and side dress again during growing season, for optimum growth.


  • Add 1 part of CircleMCastings with 2 parts (fertilizer-free) peat or coconut coir based seed starting mix.


  • Incorporate 2 – 4 cups into top 2 – 3″ of soil in Spring.


  • Seeding: Line Seeding trench, hole or bed.
    Transplanting: Add ½ – 1 cup of Circle M Castings to the planting hole.
    Established plants: Work 1 – 2 cups into top 2" – 3″ of soil around the plant.


  • When transplanting bare root or container trees where you want maximum growth and fruit production it is best to use a 50/50 mix of cured compost and Circle M Castings. Most all of the fruit and citrus trees will go into production in half the time. Ornamental trees will experience five times the normal growth, nut trees will take longer to get into production and the rate is not as dramatic as the other trees.
  • After planting in the spring,  the trees will require 5 to 7 lb. of Circle M Castings applied in the fall. Apply the castings by the top dressing from the trunk to the edge of the drip line.
  • With established trees top dress with 5 lb. of Circle M Castings two to three times a year. The spring planting period will be the most productive time to apply castings, followed by further applications every other month during the growing season.

Purchase Circle M Worm Castings at your local garden center.

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