What are hops?

Hops are the flowers on the hop vine that initially grows from a rhizome. In late spring, the rhizome (a piece of root taken from a more mature plant) is planted in the ground. Within a few weeks, you'll see a small, green shoot and will grow quickly, up to 2' per week through the end of June. The growth slows down, and the vines begin to flower.

In the first year of growth, the root systems of hops are minimal. Because of this, the soil must remain moist but not oversaturated. Rhizomes can rot if they are overwatered. You can find the right balance by soaking them, allowing the ground to dry and then water immediately.

Why are Worm Castings great for hops?

Growing hops can be labor-intensive, regardless of your location or the size of your farm. A 100% organic soil provides for the well-being of the soil and enhances the growth bines and cones no matter the season. Circle M Worm Castings use African Nightcrawlers raised in a controlled environment to produce 100% organic worm castings. These enhance the biological and chemical properties of your soil.

Circle M Worm Castings provide a 100% organic product, without the use of fillers, which will promote the well-being of the soil from planting to harvest.  The castings deliver:

  • faster root initiation and development
  • larger cone size, Lupulin gland production, alpha acid and flavor profile
  • consistent cone ripening
  • thicker, stronger bines and increased yield per bine
  • better stress tolerance
  • more nutrient delivery over a longer period of time

Our African Nightcrawlers are raised in a state of the art temperature and humidity controlled environment. They are fed our proprietary grain based feed formula and given the absolute best soil to live in. We do not use any fillers in our product and we believe you won’t find a better premium worm casting. We are now offering bulk one-time orders or discounted contract purchases.  If you are looking to buy in bulk, contact us to place your order.

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