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Why are Worm Castings Great for House Plants?

Worm Castings are a great way to keep your house plants healthy and thriving without chemicals.  While traditional fertilizers have ingredients like nitrogen, which are important for plant life, they do not have the right balance of nutrients and bacteria that help your plants thrive.  Out in nature, soil maintains this balance through fungi, microbs, worms and other insects that put minerals in the soil.  Since house plants are in a pot the soil becomes depleted these nutrients.

Are your houseplants wilting despite your best efforts? Worm castings are the organic, easy solution when your indoor garden is looking lackluster. Traditional fertilizers contain the ingredients you associate with plant health, like nitrogen, but they don’t have some of the essentials your plants need to thrive. Plants require a balanced range of nutrients and bacteria to maintain vigor. In nature, these are delivered through the action of fungi, microbes, worms, and other insects that generate soil minerals into plant food. When your plant is in a pot, eventually the soil becomes depleted of these essentials. Re-potting your plant with a 25%-50% worm casting soil mix will give your plant the boost it needs to thrive for months.

How do you use Worm Castings on your House Plants?


  • Re-pot with a 25%-50% worm casting soil mix.
  • Add ½ to 1 inch of Circle M Castings to the surface of the soil. Water and repeat every 3 to 4 months.
  • Make Compost Tea

Purchase Circle M Worm Castings at your local garden center.

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