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Benefits of using Worm Castings for Cannabis Worm castings do not have a smell Because there are no chemicals it promotes better health of the soil for a more natural taste of the final product Promotes more rapid seed germination Helps with a more balanced root development as plants grow The ability to rebuild soils and thus reduce costs by eliminating the need for harmful chemical fertilizers b...

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Why are Worm Castings great for Vineyards? Soil health is extremely important for vineyards and vineyards tend to place some of the heaviest demands on the soil.  When worm castings are placed in the soil at planting the physical, biological and chemical properties of soil can be revitalized.  Worm castings can also be made into a tea and utilized through irrigation systems a few times a year. Thi...

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Why are Worm Castings Beneficial for Growing Berries? Worm castings generate a larger amount of humus compared to soil or compost.  This is very helpful because it helps the soil hold more water, stay aerated and provide a binding site micronutrients.  That is important because it helps the soil maintain those nutrients that would wash away during heavy rains.  Other nutrients found in worm castin...

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What are hops? Hops are the flowers on the hop vine that initially grows from a rhizome. In late spring, the rhizome (a piece of root taken from a more mature plant) is planted in the ground. Within a few weeks, you'll see a small, green shoot and will grow quickly, up to 2' per week through the end of June. The growth slows down, and the vines begin to flower. In the first year of growth, the roo...

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