How to Use: Residential

House Plants

Why are Worm Castings Great for House Plants? Worm Castings are a great way to keep your house plants healthy and thriving without chemicals.  While traditional fertilizers have ingredients like nitrogen, which are important for plant life, they do not have the right balance of nutrients and bacteria that help your pla...

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Home Garden

Why are Worm Castings Great for Home Garden Use? The uses for Worm Castings in your home garden are endless.  In your flower garden, they provide nutrients that produce hardy fast-growing flowers with stronger, deeper roots.  It also makes them heartier, therefore, making transplanting more successful. For your garden,...

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Why are Worm Castings great for Lawns? Worm castings can be used directly on top of the soil or as a worm tea.  They tend to sit on the top of the soil and will naturally aerate your soil.  When left alone they will result in a lush green lawn.  Worm tea can be applied directly to your lawn.  Unlike chemical fertilizer...

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