Why are Worm Castings great for Lawns?

Worm castings can be used directly on top of the soil or as a worm tea.  They tend to sit on the top of the soil and will naturally aerate your soil.  When left alone they will result in a lush green lawn.  Worm tea can be applied directly to your lawn.  Unlike chemical fertilizers, you do not need to worry about it burning your lawn.  When it is in a liquid form it absorbs quickly and the nutrients are absorbed.

Other benefits:

  • No smell
  • Protects your root system.
  • Protects against potential plan diseases.

How do you use Worm Castings on your Lawn?

  • Spray lawn twice a week during the spring time.
  • Established – Top dress with 10 lbs. Circle M Castings per 100 sq. ft. and water well.
  • New – Great for seed and sod. us 10 lb. Circle M Castings per 100 sq. ft. Broadcast seed into seedbed, rake in and water. use ⅛ inch CircleMCastings to sod bed surface, apply sod and watch grow.
  • Have troubled areas in your lawn?  Loosen soil and top dress with 1/4 - 1/2" of Circle M Castings.  Water well 3 - 5 times.

Purchase Circle M Worm Castings at your local garden center.

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