Replenish Your Soil for Spring

Snow is starting to fall, and you have probably harvested your plants already. So there is nothing to do now until Spring comes and it's time to replant right? Wrong!  Now is the perfect time to replenish your soil for Spring.

Whether you have a home garden for fruits and vegetables, grow cannabis outdoors, or want to ensure your lawn if fresh come spring, taking care of your soil is critical. Soil that is nutrient deficient cause the plants you grow in that land to be nutrient deficient as well. And the good news is - it's easy to replenish the nutrients in your soil without fertilizers and chemicals.

So what nutrients are necessary?

  • Nitrogen
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Carbon

Nitrogen leeches easily from the soil and continually needs to be replenished. Plants also need it in a particular form for the roots to utilize it. While many people use fertilizers to replace the nitrogen, crop rotation and composting are two ways you can increase nitrogen in your soil.

Calcium plays an essential role in a plant’s structure and growth. Calcium is typically replenished in the soil through rocks and decaying matter. You can increase the calcium in your soil by adding ground limestone. If that's not readily available to you, a typical DIY option is eggshells.

Manganese is vital for photosynthesis and other processes. If the soil is too wet, too high in other elements or too Alkaline it can create a manganese deficiency in your plants.

Carbon is critical for living microbes to survive. It releases nutrients, promotes structure, and protects against harmful substances.

How Worm Castings can Help

Worm castings are full of minerals! They contain manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon and nitrogen.  One of the biggest benefits of using worm castings is that they add back to the ground much-needed microbes such as beneficial bacteria and fungi that come from the gut of a worm.  These are essential to your plant health for two big reasons:

  • The microbes take unusable food in the ground and soil. This is consumed and converted this into a "usable food source" for plants.
  • They give your plant a natural immune system to help fight off pest and disease
  • Castings act as a barrier to help plants grow in soil where the pH levels are too high or too low.
  • They have the ability to fix heavy metals in organic waste.
  • Castings are an effective way to repel whiteflies, aphids, spider mites and any pest that feeds on plant juices

By utilizing worm castings, you preserve the organic material of the soil and add vital nutrients. You can do this by adding the castings directly to the soil, or by creating a worm compost tea.

Our worm castings are produced from African Nightcrawlers and are 100% pure with no use of fillers. They are produced right in Oregon.

You can find them at your local garden center, or if you're a commercial grower and looking to buy in bulk, we have discounts available for a limited time. Contact us to learn more!

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