The Right Soil for Cannabis

When growing cannabis, the soil is the foundation.  It is super important to make sure it is full of the right nutrients and has the environment to help your plants thrive. If you are growing in Oregon, it is important to note that cannabis must be grown pesticide free, so using the right products, like our pure worm castings, to boost your soil is essential.

So what do you need to think about with your soil?

  • Nitrogen
  • A PH range between 5.8 and 6.3. About 6 is the best.
  • Diversity of microbes

When selecting your soil look for those that contain a good mix of different ingredients.  Natural soil amendments and fertilizers are best, like our pure worm castings.  By starting with a healthy soil - it helps alleviate the need for extra products throughout the growing cycle.

Managing Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is essential for the generation of leaves and to aid phosphorus in bud growth.  Worm castings are an excellent organic source of nitrogen for your soil. ((castings don't actually provide nitrogen, they are able to convert the nitrogen already found naturally in the soils))

PH levels

Cannabis likes a slightly acidic environment.  Ensuring you have the right pH levels at the roots will help your plants thrive and lead to healthier leaves.

Diversity of microbes

These help with several factors; disease suppression, increased nutrient quality, better flavor, and cannabinoids abundance.  Earthworms are great for this as they naturally aerate the soil, help with water retention and add nutrients to the ground. ((we don't sell earthworms so we can't say earthworms aerate the soil, our castings do provide some of these benefits))

So how do you know what your soil needs?

The quality of the soil and the nutrients found in them vary from place to place.  The best starting ground is at your local nursery.  Ask them what the soil in your area might be lacking and what types of amendments you might need.

If you're a larger grower and are looking for worm castings in bulk, please let us know and we'd love to talk with you about our discounts.


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