Why Worm Castings Are Beneficial for Cannabis Growers

Finding the right fertilizer for your cannabis plants can be tricky. At Circle M Worm Castings we use all 100% organic African Nightcrawlers to make our worm castings. It is an excellent natural fertilizer rich in nutrients and minerals.


Worms break down the organic matter in the soil when they pass it through their digestive system. When they pass the material back into the ground it creates nutrient rich soil.

Worm Castings contain minerals that are essential for plant growth. Some of these are concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The best part is that these minerals are immediately available to the plant, without the risk of ever burning the plant.

Bacteria and protozoa are necessary to help nourish the soil while also protecting against and repressing disease. The bacteria convert the nitrogen into a form that the plants can utilize during photosynthesis. The plants will take in bacteria, fungi and other protozoa that already exist in the soil, and this is aided by the nitrogen the protozoa release.

To assist with stimulating root growth and resistance to disease, worm castings have fungi that decompose some of the dead organic matter. Nematodes are also an important part of overall soil health. They release bacteria and fungus back into the soil.


There are several reasons why worm castings are great organic fertilizer for your cannabis plants.

  • Worms naturally move around in the soil, they allow the soil to breathe and circulate water and air. This aids in resistance to drought and prevents compaction while retaining water.
  • Worm castings aid in the breakdown of organic matter, it enriches the mineral and nutritional content of the soil to keep pH levels consistent.
  • They do not have a smell.
  • More rapid seed germination
  • As your plants grow, the fertilizer will help with balanced root development
  • Worm castings promote soil health without the use of chemicals. ¬†This maintains a more natural taste in your finished product because it generates less entropy.


It is important to note that plants cannot survive on worm castings alone.

As a general rule, we recommend 1 part castings to 3 parts soil. If your plants are established already then, they may only require roughly 6mm of worm castings.

For more information on how to use our worm castings visit our cannabis services page.


Now that you know why worm castings are beneficial for cannabis growers you should know that our worm castings are made from African Nightcrawlers. They are fed our proprietary feed formula and given the best soil to live in. They are raised in state of the art controlled environment. We do not use any fillers in our product. If you are looking to buy in bulk, contact us to place your order.

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